Happy National Day_英语 英语作文

Happy National Day_英语

happy national day相关作文:Happy National Day_英语范文内容如下: 【第1篇】 Dear Diary, Tomorrow is National Day. My family is going to get together and have a big dinner. My mother is going to go to the supermarket to buy some food. My...
一年级英语作文:my busy day_550字 英语作文

一年级英语作文:my busy day_550字

一年级英语作文:my busy day_550字相关作文:一年级英语作文:my busy day_550字范文内容如下: I always get up early in the morning.I usually have my breakfast at half past six.I leave home half an hour later.Im never late for sc...
一年级英语作文:my dream_500字 英语作文

一年级英语作文:my dream_500字

一年级英语作文:my dream_500字相关作文:一年级英语作文:my dream_500字范文内容如下: I have a dream,and I hope one day it will come true.I dream that I have a harmonious family.I dream that my parents wouldnt scold me when I...
一年级英语作文:my dream(二)_400字 英语作文

一年级英语作文:my dream(二)_400字

一年级英语作文:my dream(二)_400字相关作文:一年级英语作文:my dream(二)_400字范文内容如下: I want to be a scientist in the future. This is my dream. I must work hard for it. Scientists make great contribution to o...
一年级英语作文:During Sundays_650字 英语作文

一年级英语作文:During Sundays_650字

一年级英语作文:During Sundays_650字相关作文:一年级英语作文:During Sundays_650字范文内容如下: I used to idle away my Sundays. But now I have more meaningful thing to do. One day our teacher took us to visit the Welfare Hou...
一年级英语作文:My favorite month_300字 英语作文

一年级英语作文:My favorite month_300字

一年级英语作文:My favorite month_300字相关作文:一年级英语作文:My favorite month_300字范文内容如下: There are twelve month in a year. But I like June. Everywhere is green,colorful and beautiful The weather is great. Its ve...
一年级英语作文:A happy day_350字 英语作文

一年级英语作文:A happy day_350字

一年级英语作文:A happy day_350字相关作文:一年级英语作文:A happy day_350字范文内容如下: Today, our teacher Mrs. Li takes us to have outside activity, and we feel so excited. We go to the museum and take a visit of the hist...
一年级英语作文:My Sunday_400字 英语作文

一年级英语作文:My Sunday_400字

一年级英语作文:My Sunday_400字相关作文:一年级英语作文:My Sunday_400字范文内容如下: Today is sunday ,I get up early because I want to play sports .I wear my T-shirt and my shorts.Then I go to the playground to play ping-po...