My Schoolbag_英语 英语作文

My Schoolbag_英语

schoolbag相关作文:My Schoolbag_英语范文内容如下: Look, this is my schoolbag. It’s pink and gray. It’s big and beautiful. It has three floors. There is a beautiful girl on my schoolbag. There are three story-books, ten notebooks, a Chin...
My home 英语作文50字_英语 英语作文

My home 英语作文50字_英语

英语作文50字相关作文:My home 英语作文50字_英语范文内容如下: This is my home. We have two bathrooms, a living room, two bedrooms, a study and a balcony. We have some books on the table in the living room. We have some toys and som...
Skiing_英语 英语作文


skiing相关作文:Skiing_英语范文内容如下: On January 25th , I went to ski with my father. First, the coach taught us the correct postures and basic practices. Then I did try to ski down the hill. I only fell down twice all the afternoon. The...
My Family (我的家庭)300字_英语 英语作文

My Family (我的家庭)300字_英语

myfamily英语作文相关作文:My Family (我的家庭)300字_英语范文内容如下: 【第1篇】 I am Ma Yuanhao. Now let me tell you something about my family. My family has seven people in it, my father, my mother, my brother, my sister,...
I can have “low-carbon life”_英语 英语作文

I can have “low-carbon life”_英语

low carbon life相关作文:I can have “low-carbon life”_英语范文内容如下: I can have “low-carbon life” Why was the weather become more and more hot, why was the sky no longer clear and blue? Why did the bird leave us, why was the air...
英文商务邀请函_英语 英语作文


英文商务邀请函相关作文:英文商务邀请函_英语范文内容如下: 【第1篇】 Dear sir/madam: On [date], we will host an evening of celebration in honor of the retirement of [name], President of [company]. You are cordially invited t...