My Schoolbag_英语 英语作文

My Schoolbag_英语

schoolbag相关作文:My Schoolbag_英语范文内容如下: Look, this is my schoolbag. It’s pink and gray. It’s big and beautiful. It has three floors. There is a beautiful girl on my schoolb...
Skiing_英语 英语作文


skiing相关作文:Skiing_英语范文内容如下: On January 25th , I went to ski with my father. First, the coach taught us the correct postures and basic practices. Then I did try to ski down t...
My home 英语作文50字_英语 英语作文

My home 英语作文50字_英语

英语作文50字相关作文:My home 英语作文50字_英语范文内容如下: This is my home. We have two bathrooms, a living room, two bedrooms, a study and a balcony. We have some books on t...