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    Dear Diary,

    Tomorrow is National Day. My family is going to get together and have a big dinner. My mother is going to go to the supermarket to buy some food. My father is going to wash his car. My brother is going to play his toy car. My grandparents are going to tell us the history of China. I am going to read a poem. This is my poem:  

    T is for taxi. My family is going to take a trip tomorrow. We are going to by taxi, too.  

    A is for apples. My family is going to eat some big red apples for good luck.  

    X is for xylophone. My father will play the xylophone.  

    I is for ice-cream. I will eat some ice-cream with my brother.


Dear Diary,  

Tomorrow is National Day. My family are going to the supermarket. My aunt is going to see a film. My grandma is going to make a cake. My friends and I are going to the bookstore. We are going to read some books. Then we are going to read a poem. This is our poem:  

L is for love. I love my family.  

U is for you. You can be together with your family.  

C is for cake. My grandma will make a cake. We all love cakes.  

K is for kites. I can fly kites on National Day.  

Y is for yummy. The cake will be very yummy.


How time flies!Four days have been past on vacation!

Now the moon in sky is so big,so round and so beautiful!

My first day ,I saw celebriation on National,It's unimaginable and memorable,our nation has strong now,and who can bullying our country!

I went to my home state on second day,I like the feeling that chatting with my family!I saw the old house,no one live there now,and weeds are everywhere!I also worship my grandpa's grave.It's a long time I haven't been there!

Yesterday I went to a place called "Yong Shou",it's a small town where my Mom's Dad had his first job!He saw his old friends,they aren't seen each other for 48 years!

Today it's a normal day!Study,eat,play!

But I miss him,my pig brother!I want to know what he's doing,but I'am afraid to send message to him!Moon,send my miss to him!


oh,motherland,happy birthday to you!

I am your son!

I am so proud of you!

I haven't felt so amazing until today!


you make me feel you are strong!

you make me feel you are outstanding!

you shake my heart today!

you also shake the world !

oh ,my motherland!I am your hope!Now I am a  student in senior middle school .I will study a lot to improve myself.I will go to university after three years.I will continue to study then.

and after graduating my university I will work .So I will work for you then!

I am working hard now.I am  the No.10  in my class .I think if I stick my way I can finally take a better place!I will never give up!I will try my best to study.I will learn more!I want to be wise ,I want to have more useful knowlege! I will continue to work hard so that I can be

the best. I can go to my favorite university probably only by my hard-working .

oh,my motherland!I am Jeff,I am your son,and I will make better progress !Believe me!

my motherland!you will be proud of me!

motherland ,best wishes:Happy birthday!


Today is the birthday of my great motherland, also my grandmother's birthday. Here I give my best wishes to both of you! Recent days I am not a good student, I do not read books for my postgraduate. To go on my English major, I know get rejected from many people. Most of them doubt my ability, so do I. Maybe it is just a game or it is just a dream. While myself is a player. I do not desire to make great achievements, just want to have a job. I can make money by myself.And no longer depend on my parents. They are so tired.

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