《 The Biggest Festival》300字英语作文 英语作文

《 The Biggest Festival》300字英语作文

300字相关作文:《 The Biggest Festival》300字英语作文范文内容如下: Chinese New Year is really a big festival. People will have the holiday to stay with their families. No matter where they work, all they want to do is to have dinner w...
《 My Favorite Festival》300字英语作文 英语作文

《 My Favorite Festival》300字英语作文

300字相关作文:《 My Favorite Festival》300字英语作文范文内容如下: When festival comes, I will be very excited, because it is a good time for my families to get together and we share our happiness. My favorite holiday is Mid-autumn fe...
《 My Favorite Animal》300字英语作文 英语作文

《 My Favorite Animal》300字英语作文

300字相关作文:《 My Favorite Animal》300字英语作文范文内容如下: I like to watch Disney films very much. Mickey Mouse is my favorite cartoon image. I find Mickey Mouse and giant panda look so much alike. Both of them have round faces...
《 An Old Man》300字英语作文 英语作文

《 An Old Man》300字英语作文

300字相关作文:《 An Old Man》300字英语作文范文内容如下: There is an old man living next to my house. I can see him every day when I walk down the street. He sells shoes every day and he has done the business for more than 20 years. M...
《Firework》300字英语作文 英语作文


300字相关作文:《Firework》300字英语作文范文内容如下: Almost every child likes to play firework, especially in the holiday. The shape of firework is various and colorful, which attracts children to play it all the time. Every year, I...
《热心肠的谷子凡》小学300字写人作文 小学作文


写人作文,300字相关作文:《热心肠的谷子凡》小学300字写人作文范文内容如下: 我们班有个热心肠的同学,她叫谷子凡。 她有一对大大的眼睛,和一对浓浓的眉毛。还长着一副瓜子脸。梳着个马...
《陌生人》小学300字写人作文 小学作文


写人作文,300字相关作文:《陌生人》小学300字写人作文范文内容如下: 星期六,爸爸、妈妈出去办事,只有小明一个人在家里乖乖的写老师布置得作业。 过了一会,小明听见有人敲门,就问:“...
《我最敬佩的一个人》小学300字写人作 小学作文


写人作文,300字相关作文:《我最敬佩的一个人》小学300字写人作文范文内容如下: 我敬佩的一个人是我的妈妈,她为我做过很多事。 三年前的一个秋天,那是刚刚开学,我们增加了一个新的课程...