• 大学生活的英语演讲稿






  Good afternoon! The topic of my speech today is "the youth to venture".

  Very pleased to be able to discuss and offer this topic, youth, youth need to realize their life values and business isthe best way to realize their life values, So we can draw a conclusion - youth need. Business is business, difficult, As we years cold window study, we urge the mood of a weltburgergesellschaft university school. Here, we absorb the previous wisdom receiving the humanistic moral essence, the baptism. We are happy, is honored. Because we are students, we have knowledge of the oceans, swim perseverance have tenacity climbing, science is more rational traversing a colorful world.

  People gave us the glorious titles, give us so much pleasure aura, gave us a hearty repaying the society, the family of the sacred duty. This is our students have conscience. In the palace of knowledge that we do with friend, a day for soul to get noble personality, to get high, let life! It sublimation Some people do, always let conscience and try our best to move yourself traction of the solid foundation of exhibition pad. However, make us sadly, in this way to light and bright, someone is easily throwing a conscience, let the dark covered himself.

  Ma3 jia jue2, once the lovely children, old stories, but never thought he would personally killed died four classmates their classmates. Four not blind soul left for us, is dee* thinking. As a college student, ma3 jia jue2, this should defend their conscience of the land, positive and optimistic, overcome psychological do so. But regret is he vanished all this, let oneself with the same crime ripper platform, the ultimate let ruined his evil. He was sad, because he can't let students in their heart of conscience, thus causing a deep-rooted today that cannot be redeemed tragic.

  And this one for his misfortune, or the cry for his naive and laugh, because of xianyang male freshmen in regard to the flowers on valentine's day, but he declined to girls were to choose from and to stop himself and life. He gave his people died, but he's young, sympathy, sympathy of his ignorance. As college students, no students more AD cool-headed, disposal of college students should have broad mind, it is really a college's grief.

  More has an incredibly legal professional college students, in order to pay for his father, was kidnapped 20 yuan, blackmail neighbor kid cash. The arrest, but not to hurt, the disposal of the request. True, the pain is the harrowing for her so thin legal consciousness of pain, She was so easy for his wonderful future ruin the pain, As a student, she is more devoid of conscience hurts.

  In the event, etc, bring us around us is shocked, is thinking. Ask: what is in our heart, we make the changes they produce quality? Is inferior, is fragile, is ignorant, I this is the answer.

  Faced with the setback, career, they could not overcome by perseverance and wisdom, stupid and failure, Facing the trap they can't live, because blindly reined in one story, and fall. All crimes to produce is wrong, seemingly career, sound the mistakes of others, but I think the criticism is more shall as a student, but devoid of college friends. We are sincere, optimistic, our college, and civilization, we warmly, full of career of life, full of faith. This is the essence of us, it is our friend. Ma3 jia jue2, they threw out these, it is their grief, but we don't. Our understanding of the meaning of life philosophy, we engraved the limited life, cast into the endless for human life seeks happiness, WangShi died in light of energy, lets the human, to illuminate the generations of fire burning.

  The classmate! Don't let the tragedy of silly songs, repeat, encourage repeat in this permeated with wisdom and thinking on the stage. Let us join hands to keep our conscience, in order to play the contemporary university students' fine belongs to us. Let us join hands to defend our conscience, in order to open belong to our life of contemporary college students sailing.


  Honourable judges and friends:

  Good morning! i am very glad to be here to share my college life with you .

  Two years ago, i came into this city of and started my college life , the most memorable journey of my life. i was just a shy and little girl that time. all the things seemed fresh to me: new faces, large library and physics lab etc. i breathed the air of college greedily, i was curious about everything.the class given by the teachers are excellent.they provide us with information not only from our textbook but from other sources as well.i actively involved in student union and varies of association. but soon i realized that i do not make full use of my spare time ,so i got a part-time job to help a junior student with math lessons besides,i also took part in activities concerning public welfare. we taught the kids there who could not afford school, i was dee* touched by their eagerness to learn, the precious experience with the poor kids made me aware of the responsibility on the shoulders of us--future teachers. the enrichment of experience taught me the significance of modesty,responsibility,tolerance,and perseverance.

  and now i have been here two years. recalling to the two years, i think i have to talk about one thing--learning. learn how to study independently, learn how to get along with others, learn to love, learn to… oh, there are too much things we have to learn.


  another relationship in college is friendship. my roommates have lived two years with me. in these years, they forgive my faults, cry with me, laugh with me, play with me… they always stand with me and support me, i have learned a lot from them. i love them all and treasure the friendship with them.

  in the next 2 years,i’ll try my best to and make great contributions to society! that’s my college life. i cherish all i have experienced in college. i love you, my college!

  that’s all, thank you!


  Respect teacher, dear students:

  Everybody is good, the title of my speech is "my college life.

  Also remember that in high school, in order to get into a university, the teacher education we must bear. Now bear, went to college. Don't know how many people remember: our twelve years cold window, some even more than twelve years. We over the years, especially in high school, we immersed in wiil once before, in parents, classmates, or cried silently... That a hard time, memorable.

  After the college entrance examination, as if everything is over. Can we go to KTV to sing, can go to fall in love, parents are no longer like high school so strict, we can pack the night on the Internet. It was in the shihezi university. As a xinjiang outsiders, I remember when I saw the gobi anguish, remember the excitement in shihezi, see the joy of shihezi university. I can start a new life after admission, the university life.

  School soon, soon with the help of the teacher and accustomed to the routine of xinjiang under the military training, college life. Feel the deepest is that we can have their own time, we can learn oneself want to learn the knowledge, do what you want to do. We can most spare time in college, take part in some societies, students, game, let oneself grow up. Feel university gave a good exercise or show our stage. Of course, we also have time to do what you want to do without, earn money, for example, we can realize the parents make money of hard; Travel to places they want to go, feel the scenery area folk; Can do some investigation and study, improve their abilities, foster a sense of responsibility to society, knowledge society, society to lay a solid foundation for later.

  I'm full of confidence about the future and, I will not abandon, do not give up. Regain the dream, find themselves. This is an important social beliefs, the university also is. Have a dream don't lost themselves, would have a hard target and direction. Life is an attitude, we only with a positive attitude, with a hot heart, diligently enterprising, will realize their own value, and happy through the college life. At the same time I also want to know the road is tortuous. Ready to setbacks, never give up. To make their aspirations, "will first frustrates, harasses, hungry always, empty of its body, him by its nature, so to stimulate, Ceng Yi it can't". Winners say general of the ancient and now, without exception. Failure is the mother of success. Edison invented the light bulb, the experiment had a lot of kinds of materials as a filament, did not succeed, but in the end finally found the tungsten wire, obtained remarkable achievement. Deng * once three three fall, once was reused, but in the cultural revolution were for subaltern, and still wait the political arena in 78, has opened up a road of reform and opening up. Madame Curie after numerous failed finally extracted a gram of radium. Darwin's heliocentric theory was finally established after defeated countless retort. He was at the time of irony for the monkey to the church, Beethoven deaf also created a lot of famous music. Also, such as: KFC is colonel sanders, founder of the colonel is a veteran soldier, he broke the army, every month can only rely on the government's subsidies to maintain life. Sanders is a recipe for Fried chicken, he decided to each big food companies recommended his secret recipe, but every company is faced with a ragged people refused. With the efforts of 1001 times, he finally accepted by a food company. And then within a year and a half, he opened three hundreds of chain stores, like by people. What made him successful? Is after a failed again and again he will not give up. Why he did not give up? Because he believes that failure is the mother of success.

  My college life is sweet and pain, I will enjoy in the sweet, live with pain. Perhaps this is life!

  Thank you all!


  Man’s life is a process of growing up, actually I’m standing here is a growth. If a person’s life must constituted by various choices, then I grow up along with these choices. once I hope I can study in a college in future, however that’s passed, as you know I come here, now I wonder what the future holds for (= what will happen to) me. KK

  When I come to this school, I told to myself: this my near future, all starts here. Following I will learn to become a man, a integrated man, who has a fine body, can take on important task, has independent thought, an open mind, intensive thought, has the ability to judge right and wrong, has a perfect job. KK

  once my teacher said :” you are not sewing, you are stylist; never forget which you should lay out to people is your thought, not craft.” I will put my personality with my interest and ability into my study, during these process I will combine learning with doing. If I can achieve this “future”, I think that I really grow up. And I dee* believe kindred, good-fellowship and love will perfection and happy in the future.

  How to say future? Maybe it’s a nice wish. Lets make up our minds, stick to it and surely well enjoy our life.



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