My Family (我的家庭)300字_英语

  • My Family (我的家庭)300字_英语

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I am Ma Yuanhao. Now let me tell you something about my family. My family has seven people in it, my father, my mother, my brother, my sister, my uncle, my grandfather and I. My grandfather is a driver. He drives a bus. He works in Beijing. He has two kids. They are my father and my uncle. 

My father and my uncle are both office workers. They are in the same office. My brother is a policeman. He is tall and strong. He works in Shenyang.I am a student. My sister is a student,too. We are in the same school, but in different grades. My mother is a nurse. She works in a hospital. We live in Beijing now with my parents. 

I often have bread and milk for breakfast. I like eating hamburgers, too. And for lunch, I usually have some chicken with vegetables and rice. Jiaozi is my favorite food. I usually have Jiaozi and an apple for dinner. I think I can eat healthily. 

My mother cooks very well. She often cooks nice food for us. 

I love my family! 


I’m ZhangWeihao. I am a good student .I go to school on foot everyday.I like swimming and riding  my bike.My favourite food is beef and noodles. My favourite colour is blue.On the  weekend morning, I often do my homework. At noon,I eat lunch at home. In the afternoon.I go to my friend’s home. I play computer games with him. We are so happy. In the evening. I go to the gym to play pingpang. I don’t have a pen pal . 

My father’s name is Zhang Hua. He’s a teacher. He teaches music. He goes to work by car. He likes sports. He works hard at his work. But he is very lazy at home. Sometimes he sweeps the floor. His favourite food is pork . His fvourite colour is black.On  the weekend ,he often reads magazine at 12:00. He plays computer everyday. He watches TV at 7:00p.m. 

My mother is an engineer .She works in a company. She goes to work by bike.She likes art. She has two brothers. She likes flying kites. Her favourite food is potatoes . Her favourte colour is red. She goes to work at 8:00. She walks home at 6:00. She often reads books at 3:00p.m.

This is my family.I love my family.What about your family?

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