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When I was a child, father is the fortress, in my heart he indomitable spirit, invulnerable, at that time, my father work outside, every time they come back to buy me a lot of things. I think, father is omnipotent, as long as I want, as long as he has, he will give me, so every time I ask my mother, father, why don't come back, my mother said, father in making money, earn enough will come back. So I look forward to the stars, look forward to the moon, wish my father next second appeared in front of me, then just hugged me as usual, riding a bicycle through the streets. After grew up some, father is the thick walls, and is my rely on. No matter what I make, as long as there is he in, I won't be afraid, because, that is his father. I always knew that he was very busy, he is always the first of the two to go on a business trip for three days, sometimes one or two months didn't meet, I know, I capricious, I always to make out the things in the field he came back, and looked at me, criticize me, education me. At that time, I never see him home tired, overnight just proud to think, see, I have an accident, don't you come back. I know, I'm not lovely, I love to play, always give you trouble, but I never thought you would think, you tired not tired, never know how much you panic, because in my heart, you are indomitable spirit, omnipotent, won't be anything to defeat. I always knew that you are very busy, so I let you time from his busy schedule to take care of your don't understand me, I smile, I know, my bad.

Away when I grew up, I in school, at that time, a home a month, I know, I capricious, I let you accompany me, let you rent a house outside the school, although also won't live once a month, but I just let you rent for three years. I always knew that you are very busy, but I'm selfish, I'm not afraid, I know you will tolerate me, although you every time threatened to beat me, I know, how much you hurt me. I know I'm selfish, I love for my reckless battle with you, but I didn't, you are in for me is to smile. Now, I raise the hands of the pen, write down you in my eyes, I always knew that you are very busy, busy indulge me, inclusive me, teach me... Do you have a nice name - father.

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